Measurements such as proportions; golden (goddess) ratio are well known in the notion of aesthetics. But what if we are given the characters from outside our universe? Are they also considered as humans, and combined with golden measures? How do we wanna examine mutated bodies, when there are no proportion rules? 
      World has created many creatures in human minds. So in mine. I wanted to create the body with sculpting tools, and prepare a material, but what more -  make the process of examining the new body. To consider, finding out some dependencies, facts, repeatable features.
As a result of my experiments, I have prepared 3 stages of the humanoids:
.1  birth:  8 graphics, 8 3D graphic animations and analyze in form of video, which present the physical, proportional aspect of the unknown body. I gave birth to a herd of humanoids. 
.2  childhood: 4 animations with the first concept of the supposed, surrounding environment. The process of developing the concept brought me to the raw idea of a possible environment for these bodies and their physical features. 
.3  puberty: 4 'mutated' animations ; puberty as a mutation/unexpected domino of happenings
humanoids .1

video with 
analyze of
 the body


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