"The beginnings of Polish street art date back to the 90s. This trend immediately aroused the sensitivity of young and talented people, so that today you can see the space in a completely new, original way. Street art all over the world raises important issues, prompting the viewer to reflect on topics such as ecology, politics, war, racism, consumerism, and violation of human rights. Urban art is ephemeral, intriguing and inspiring, it can also be illegal, which paradoxically makes it attractive. Polish urban art is an autonomous form of artistic expression by committed artists who are very successful in the field of art all over the world."
For this event I was asked to prepare an animation promoting this project. 
What was important for the principal, was to put my artistic soul in it, show a piece of my work/creativity/vision in this special space. 
I decided to use my previous project: humanoids to create specific avatars for street artists. Every humanoid has unique texture with one of the artist's work of art.

sneak peak
official video

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