Dreaming is an unusual process, wich is still investigated by many scientists, psychologists and philosophers. It happens to any human being.  Generally how we actually dream is our own deformed, colored and processed experiences.
      Through my work, I have had a wish to open up a discussion about how our brain processes situations, issues, intimate feelings, traumas and fears via dreams. I was inspired by my own personal impression which has been written in my memory very precisely. The world that my mind created was overwhelming, multilayered and kind of magical. The way how cases, which I was struggling with were presented visually, made me feel fascinated about it. 
      I built an interactive space where the user is able to jump inside the "dream cube" made with animated collages expressing visuality of the dream with dedicated music.  
collages/ walls of the cube
animated layers
instruction for the user

once upon a dream from Sleeping Beauty with my voice
Chopin, Waltz in C-sharp minor, Op.64, No.2  played by me
representing video of experience

other projects :

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