Is free will a gift from the massive force above us or is it just a highly developed brain and it's chemistry? Supported by groups of erudits - the theory of determinism says that people are not free to choose what they are like or how they behave, because these things are decided by their environment, diverse aspects over which they have no control, for example genes, any other predisposition. The domino of phenomena; when we think we're making free, spontaneous choices it's just the laws of physics playing themselves out. So as a result, the illusion of free will is being created all the time. 

      So I asked myself is being creative, creating process may be called as our free will?  I decided to build a space, where You will be able to explore your own creativity with an electronic collaboration, to show the boundaries and processes inside the human’s creating art. The space consists of mattresses, pillows, foam which makes a soft, calm environment, something like an asylum. The projection of the space is on one of the walls, which relates to the moment when each of us lies in bed and analyzes diverse subjects, aspects of life and then falls in a dream. When we switch into dreaming, our brain is still processing and bringing up pictures, memories and fantastical objects, even when it is resting. The experience will show you what kind of possibilities are we given to picture our individual visions with current technologies. 

self-mixed melody of an old lullaby
sample of visual Touch Designer camera effect
whole set up of the scene 
 with representative performance

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